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Hi all,

I'm reviving an old thread about loss measurements in the Internet.

Are there any packet loss rate measurements on small time scales, of the
order of a few minutes, or even 10s of seconds maybe?

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On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Cottrell, Les wrote:

> Fig.  2 in http://www.slac.stanford.edu/xorg/icfa/icfa-net-paper-jan04/ shows the packet losses seen by the PingER project (see http://www-iepm.slac.stanford.edu/pinger/) from the US to various regions of the world since Jan 1995.  Other metrics can also be seen in the same web page (e.g. RTT and derived throughput ~ 1460Bytes/(RTT*sqrt(loss)).
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> On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 04:46:27PM -0800, Sam Liang scribed:
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> >   Vern Paxson's excellent Sigcomm 97 paper, "End-to-End Internet
> > Packet Dynamics", told us a lot about the Internet traffic
> > characteristics. But seven years have passed. The Internet has changed
> > a lot. In particular, the packet loss rate has dropped a lot. But it's
> > not zero.  Are there any recent work that study the current Internet
> > traffic patterns, such as packet loss rates?
>  Quite a few.  You can get some packte loss numbers in a more recent IMC paper of mine, and I'm sure there are numerous other sources:
>   http://nms.lcs.mit.edu/papers/bestpath-imc2003.html
>   As you assume, the loss rate we observed in 2002-ish is much lower than observed by Paxson97.  The e2e loss numbers we observed in the 2001 RON study were also quite a bit lower than those that Paxson saw.  Those 5 years were a pretty good period for internet bandwidth growth and technological improvement.
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