[e2e] Clarification needed on delayed acks and sliding window protocol

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Fri Sep 24 13:19:24 PDT 2004

Hello.  I was hoping someone could clarify a few things for me regarding
some TCP algorithms. I've read TCP/IP illustrated VOL1 5 times and still
cant find the answer.


1. The nagle algorithm is mostly used on interactive sessions. Which means,
we wont see it on stuff like FTP transfers.  What we WILL see, while using
FTP transfers, is TCP's sliding window protocol. Am I right so far?


Now, sliding window protocol looks something like this on a sniffer

Host A   -------> host B   (1k bytes of data)

Host A   ------>  host B    (1k bytes of data)

Host A   <-----   -Host B            (ack)




2. Is the delayed acknowledgement algorithm used in conjunction with the TCP
sliding window protocol?  I had heard that when the sliding window protocol
is used, the delayed ACK timer never has a chance to go off.  



3. Is the nagle algorithm used in conjunction with the delayed ack



4. What determines if the nagle algorithm, or sliding window protocol will
be used in a session?  The application layer?  The amount of data being


Thank you




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