[e2e] 911 and cell phones

Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Apr 1 07:45:43 PST 2005

None of the active participants in the IETF is arguing for a ten-year 
plan; I think everyone involved would be happy to ditch the existing 
system tomorrow - and certainly keep people from spending gobs of money 
on patching it. Limitations of available public funding, industry 
structures (and, in some cases, lack of technical skills in PSAPs) make 
a slow deployment likely. It's obviously more fun to write jeremiads 
about the IETF than deal with the complicated reality of large deployed, 
safety-critical systems.

David P. Reed wrote:
> Henning, it's great that there's an ECRIT working group with a 10-year 
> transition plan.   The best is always worth waiting for.   It's kind of 
> like the plan to deal with human-caused climate change.   First we need 
> to study it, so we can figure out the optimum theoretical answer (or for 
> that matter, whether there's a problem at all).

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