[e2e] 911 and cell phones

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Apr 2 01:06:46 PST 2005


what could be more end-to-end than 
knowing where the end is?

and the means justifies the end
especially if it helps you with
prevention of theft and denial of service too...

In missive <p06210207be7335d96b47@[]>, John Wroclawski typed:

 >>At 9:06 AM -0800 4/1/05, Bob Braden wrote:
 >>>What does this topic have to do with the end-to-end principle/practice?
 >>>Bob Braden
 >>Actually, it does seem to - when you strip lots of detail away a key 
 >>question seems to be the architectural choice of "end system knows 
 >>where it is and tells the dispatcher" vs "infrastructure expected to 
 >>know where the thing using it is". Interesting that both VoIP and 
 >>cellular tech are apparently pushing the architecture towards a more 
 >>e2e model.



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