[e2e] Wisconsin network research lab now openly available

Paul Barford pb at cs.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 12 14:28:05 PDT 2005


It is our pleasure to announce the availability of the Wisconsin Advance
Internet Laboratory (WAIL) for open use by the network research community.
With support from our partners at Cisco, Intel, University of Utah, NSF,
and Internet2 we have extended the Emulab user interface to enable remote
access and use of 80 PC's and 34 IP routers (see list below).  The remote
interface - called Schooner - enables users to connect PC's to fixed
configurations of routers (or in PC-only configurations like traditional
Emulab) thereby creating testbeds suitable for a range of experiments.
Like Emulab, the PC's come with a basic set of tools and can be modified
by users with their own experimental code.  At present, we offer a library
of fixed router configuration principally comprised of simple topologies
such as dumbells. We can offer limited support in terms of creating
customized topologies and are in the process of expanding the topology
library to make all systems generally available.  Schooner has
documentation which should enable users to get up and running with basic
configurations, but we emphasize that the environment is a work in
progress.  We look forward to supporting projects to the extent that our
resources allow and hope you will find this environment useful in your
work.  Please feel free to access the lab via:



Paul Barford - director
Chris Alfeld
Ana Bizarro
Dave Plonka

Current WAIL Equipment List (new equipment is added on a regular basis - if
there is something you need, let us know - we may have it):

80 PC's:  Intel 2Ghz Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, Intel 1Gbps NIC

6 Cisco GSR 12000:  OC48, OC12, OC3, Gig, FE interfaces
4 Cisco 7500: OC3, GE, FE, Serial interfaces
10 Cisco 7300: GE interfaces
5 Cisco 7200: GE, FE, OC3, Serial interfaces
5 Cisco 3600: FE interfaces
4 Cisco 2600: FE interfaces

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