[e2e] Need help: setting winsock receive low watermark while using completion port and TCP

sampad mishra sampad_m at rediffmail.com
Wed Aug 24 09:07:31 PDT 2005

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 Lars Eggert wrote :
>On Aug 24, 2005, at 0:21, Alex Krivonosov (alexkr) wrote:
>>I have a TCP connection handled by the completion port IO model.  What is happening is in case I specify a large buffer for receiving  (WSARecv), the operation completes only after the buffer is full,  not after receiving about 500 bytes (a packet), so a significant  delay is introduced. In case of small buffers, performance  degrades. Any advice on this? Completion port model is a must.
>Please understand that TCP doesn't deliver "packets" to the  application, it provides a byte stream. You may want to look into  using non-blocking I/O for the receive call. (I don't know what you  mean by "completion port model.")

What Lars said is right, TCP doen't deliver "packets" to the application. Now in your case I think it is going into the blocking mode.
One way to verify is, check the return value, 
Result = WSARecv(....)

If the socket is non blocking , it would return WSAEWOULDBLOCK.
You have  to handle this case using WSAAsyncSelect(SOCKET id , HWND , uint msg,combination of events(like FD_READ,FD_WRITE , etc)
Now handle these messages(FD_READ for reading,....) in ur WindowProc of the window specified.
You have to go through the MSDN document to get a clear picture...
u can use the chunk of code illustarted below:
Result = WSARecv(....)

if (Result == SOCKET_ERROR) { 
        Error = WSAGetLastError(); 
        switch (Error) { 
        case WSAENETRESET:  // flow through 
        case WSAECONNRESET: 
				return FALSE;
                          return FALSE;
			return FALSE;

Well I'm not sure whether this is what u wanted nevertheless this might still help.

Sampad Mishra.
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