[e2e] intelligent network design

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 1 08:13:35 PST 2005

many children grow up and are disappointed to discover that 
santa claus doesn't really exist - it was mummy and darpa^H^H^ daddy
who put all those presents at the end of your bed/under the tree

so here's a suggestion combining, seasonally, several ideas that have
been floating lightly around the net for a while:-

if you want to send a packet to my computer, or you want to an e-mail
to my mail box, first of all you must send an xmas present to be held
in escrow for later

when i hear that the xmas present is safe somewhere in the north pole,
then you will get notification of an address you can reach me at.
If I then get a messaage that is interesting, useful or entertaining,
the present will remain in escrow. If I (where I=anyrecipient)
deem the message to be dangerous, boring, or dull, then I will inform
santa to deliver the present to a needy person (of santa's choosing).

Presents such as anti-AIDS drugs (given the day) are welcome.

the implementation details are interesting, but there isn't room at
the bottom of this screen for me to write them down. suffice it to say
that a cryptographically generated virtual private internet space is
used as a form of capacibility with moosewood routing, and a
revokaction process based on one of adrian perrig's fine re-keying
protocols for multicast. cover traffic is provided by frequent snow
flurrys that remove traces of moose paw prints...I fully expect this
to be funded by NSF as part of the GENI work that must extend out side
the US (and where better than the north pole).

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