[e2e] A Question on the TCP handoff

Alper Kamil Demir demir at kou.edu.tr
Thu Dec 1 08:57:39 PST 2005

>> Thank you very much for the reply. However, I think tcpcp will not
>> solve the problem because tcpcp is useful to migrate tcp connection
>> from place to place (correct me if I am wrong). What I want to achieve
>> is to replace the warm-up connection with an already
>> established actual connection (so that replaced new connection
>> both does have the same previous flow control of actual connection and
>> doesn't go into slow start process by having congestion control state
>> of warm-up).

>Admittedly, I don´t quite understand what you mean by "warm up
In our work, there is an "actual connection" between a "fixed host" and a mobile terminal. "warm-up connection" is a pre-established connection between a "synchronization agent-SA" and a "fixed-host" on behalf of a mobile terminal. When a mobile terminal enters into a new cell, we assume that "warm-up connection" replaces the "actual connection" (SA handovers new congestion state to mobile terminal) and becomes a new "actual connection" so that mobile terminal learns the congestion state of the new path. I was questioning if this is ever possible and/or meaningful ? If so, is there any tool that can be useful for us?
tcpcp was suggested. I think it can not be used to solve our problem. 

>However, IMHO there is some basic difficulty in any kind of TCP
>handover, which even holds in the existing and well known approaches.
Handover itsef is basicly difficult :)

Alper K. Demir

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