[e2e] YNT: A Question on the TCP handoff/incremental routechange

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Dec 13 16:09:06 PST 2005

> seems like somethign one could look at - there's work by randy bush
> that shows that when the routing control plane is attacked, the
> forwarding/data plane is remarkably stable despite inability of 
> new routes to be  computed

often what seems to happen is what we call "curve ball routing,"
though i am sure you cricket players have a different term.

new routing propagates in sort of a wave front.  packets proceed
from source on old routing information until they reach a router to
which new information has propagated, and then they proceed on new

we have empirical reason to suspect that a packet can pass through
more than two (old and new) routing information states enroute to a

and credit should also go to tim, morley, jun, and a couple of
oregon grad students (see upcoming pam2006 paper).


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