[e2e] SACK performance improvements - technical report and updated 2.6.6 patches

Injong Rhee rhee at eos.ncsu.edu
Mon Dec 19 18:11:40 PST 2005

I wonder the same. I wonder how this new patch by the HTCP folks
improves what we provided for the 2.6.x (which is currently
incorporated in the latest linux version). My recollection says that
this HTCP patch periodically crashes the system very often -- so we
could not run the comparison. BTW, this fast SACK path fix we provided
are just a simple clean-up and modification from the original Tom
Kelly's SACK code - so Tom deserves the full credit for it.

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> > Your comments on this work would be appreciated.
> Ummm... how about the patches that fix this which are in the 2.6.x
> kernel already?
> Yes, it's not your stuff, but it was incredibly less invasive and
> probably works nearly as well.
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