[e2e] Scheduling+ARQ

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Tue Dec 20 15:45:56 PST 2005

> Khaled Elsayed wrote:
> Hi All,
> Given a link-level QoS-oriented scheduler on a system implementing
> link-level ARQ,  I am trying to make a choice between the following
> architectural alternatives:

When you look in my model for packet switching mobile networs (which is
still under construction)
scheduling is part of the "MAC" layer, ARQ is part of the local recovery
layer. Scheduling is a MAC issue, so it should be between
ARQ and PHY, as Craig has already written. Perhaps, the model on my
homepage could help to associate functional parts in mobile
networks with corrsponding OSI layers. It's not a strict mapping. But
it's an helpful orientation.

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