[e2e] purpose of pseudo header in TCP checksum

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Tue Feb 15 08:35:22 PST 2005

Lloyd - you're right, I'm guilty of judging intent here.   And being 
sanctimonious on this topic particularly...   but the "twit" is a bit 

I'm sure that the NAT box marketers thought of themselves as "freedom 
fighters", given the attempt by access providers to control the number 
of routable devices in the home as a way to boost their profits by 
slowing innovation.   However, NAT boxes did externalize a cost onto the 
entire Internet community, and did so by pretending that NAT boxes were 
compatible with the Internet architecture's design for scalability.

However, somebody has to point out that the "freedom fighters" have 
hands that are not so clean of collateral damage, which is exactly why I 
label them "terrorists".

We could have a side discussion about the moral culpability of 
governments who ruthlessly attack civilian populations in order to hold 
them accountable for terrorists who live among them...  who are the 

The word "terrorist" is so meaningless that we might as well use it to 
describe ADD children.

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