[e2e] 10% packet loss stops TCP flow

Saad Biaz biazsaa at eng.auburn.edu
Fri Feb 25 12:30:55 PST 2005

You can either find a simplistic model in a paper by Mathis et al. "The
Macroscopic Behavior of the TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm"

or look at the model developed by Padhye et al. "Modeling TCP Throughput:
A Simple Model and its Empirical.."

Hope this helps"

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Roy Xu wrote:

> Hi all,
> it seems to be a common understanding that if a TCP flow experiences
> 10% or more packet loss, the flow stops (i.e., attains 0 or meaningless throughput)
> ns-2 simulations also seem to agree with this observation.
> my questions is what is the theoretical or analytical explanation for this observation?
> thanks in advance.
> --roy

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