[e2e] 10% packet loss stops TCP flow

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Feb 26 05:42:37 PST 2005

In missive <Pine.GSO.4.50.0502261244090.17639-100000 at argos.ee.surrey.ac.uk>, Lloyd Wood typed:

 >>Every lecture like an IETF meeting, with no-one learning anything
 >>because they're staring at their web browsers...
it used to be worse - at the height of the .com madness, and during the 1st bush junior
presential "election", you could sit at the back of the room and see people flip between
screens showing graphs of the republican vote, the cisco share price, and the traffic growth 
on their backbone

I am absolutely certain that some ISPs overprovisioned because their Ops people were in an IETF meeting and lost
track of which graph was which...

(there are two (at least) other
possible mistaken inferences due to swapped graphs, of course, I leave for others to comment
but i doubt very much that election officials in florida were looking at netflow stats, or that enron 
management were innocently browing the democrat black southern community losing their franchise
oh no, not at all)



p.s. what is the "IETF"?

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