[e2e] a new IRTF group on Transport Models

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Fri Jun 3 07:38:32 PDT 2005

I was part of a team that looked at the particular problem of distinguishing
packet drop cause in detail recently.  See, for instance,


You don't get as much leverage as you'd hope from knowing the cause of
packet drops.


In message <060320051330.21079.42A05B58000004B600005257220588601496040108020A9B
9C0E0500 at comcast.net>, frank at kastenholz.org writes:

>Is there any thought to identifying information
>that routers and end systems might provide that
>either can be fed back into the models to refine
>them or used in parallel to (in)validate them?
>A simple example might be packet drops. If models 
>assume that the only reason packets are dropped is
>overflowing queues due to congestion, that leads to
>certain conclusions, etc, and tweaking our transport
>protocols in a certain direction. But if it turns
>out that a significant percentage of packet drops
>is because of something else, then that conclusion
>would be incorrect...
>Frank Kastenholz

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