[e2e] Reacting to corruption based loss

Xiaoming Fu fu at cs.uni-goettingen.de
Wed Jun 15 11:24:14 PDT 2005


Jon Crowcroft wrote:
>  >>>and will lead to  far less memory wastage in hosts runnign all
>  >>>that complicated TCP protcol - they can just send web pages and video
>  >>>and audio and so on as a sequence of IP packets
>  >>>[...]
>  >>>IP over TCP: way to go.
>  >>Yeah right.  What happens if one if the nodes on the path is
>  >>unavailable?  The data just gets dropped. That's completely unacceptable.
> um - sorry - you have lost me - there's a TCP connection from each node to every other node - i can stripe the data
> how i like...

Your vision of "creating a TCP mesh among (all) first/last hops" sounds 
interesting. Yeah TCP may run well in face of packet loss and path 
dynamics. A question is whether (and if yes, how) an endhost should 
react to congestions indicated by TCP in its first hop? Can this avoid 
re-introducing flow/rate control and fragmentation functions in the 

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