[e2e] Receiving RST on a MD5 TCP connection.

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Jun 27 13:57:30 PDT 2005

  *> >
  *> > Even when XX receives the RST, it wont/cant close the
  *> > connection since it will trash the packet as it does
  *> > not have the MD5 digest.
  *> >
  *> > I was wondering if there is any solution to this
  *> > problem. Will it be correct to accept the RST even if
  *> > the MD5 digest is missing ? If we do that, can that
  *> > open doors for some other attacks ?

RSTs in TCP are always advisory, I think.  For example, they are
not transmitted reliably.

Bob Braden

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