[e2e] SEuCN

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 7 02:28:16 PST 2005

so reading re-feedback etc, and loss notification, wouldn't it be easier
given most flows have feedback packets, to have an efficient common case
1// the hop count in the net is rarely more than 32
so lets have a 32bit field which is called SEuCN
and is 
Selective Explicit unCongested Notification.

in outbound backets, each hop sets this bit
(and its returned in acks) to say "all is well and good here".

when combined with all the other dccp/xcp/tcp mechanisms
you get all you want 97.3% of the time
(explicit loss notification, and
explicit congestion notification is stil explicit:)


oh, ok, 64 bits then:)

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