[e2e] 802.11g performance in the mixed enviroment.

Jason jason.wangz at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 06:12:47 PDT 2006

       Does anyone has experience about the throughput of 802.11g in
the following scenario?

The scenario is described as below:
      Let us say a 3D 9meter*9meter*9meter space is divided into 27 3D
3meter*3meter*3meter boxes by concrete.
      In each 3m*3m*3m box, two 802.11g device transfer data between each
other at 54Mbps ad-hoc. There is no data transfer between

      I am expecting 16mbps throughput of two devices in one boxes. But
some 802.11g chip vendor told me that it is impossible.
      Any comments?

Best regards!

Jason Wang

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