[e2e] Distribution of mean end-to-end delay!

Adil Raja adilraja at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 09:26:34 PDT 2006

Hi all,
  I am new to this list and have a few queries. I shall be thankful if they
are addressed:

1) What statistical distribution(s) are normally used to simulate end-to-end
Internet delays. For instance, how do various packet generators simulate
this phenomenon?
2) How can one model the distribution of mean one-way (or RTT) end2end delay
where the mean comes from a relatively large number of samples (300-1000
packets) And the number of means is fair enough too (around 2000 lets say)
as well.
3) How does mean end2end delay correlate with the end2end packet loss (if at
all). Once again the mean is of a sample size ranging between 200-1000
4) Can someone provide information about a scholarly article that addresses
these issues.

I shall be grateful for any responses.

Adil Raja
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