[e2e] Internet Packet Loss Measurements?

Mellia Marco mellia at tlc.polito.it
Fri Aug 11 14:29:37 PDT 2006

We have developed a tool to passively monitor traffic, called Tstat - 
TCP Statistic and Analysis Tool.
Among different measurement index, Tstat monitors TCP anomalies, i.e., 
packet retransmission by RTO, FR, unnecessary retransmission, network 
reordering, duplicates, etc.
We presented a summary of our work at ICC, and TiWDC, and preparing an 
extended version of the paper for a journal.
You can find details from
which includes a set of measurements we are continously updating from 
different probe point in the network. Just select the main picture in 
the middle, then select a trace, and under the Stats:TCP menu, select
"Total number of anomalies".

 From the web page you have access also to all the paper we published, 
including the two mentioned above. I can send you the extended version 
of the paper if you want.

Hope this helps,

> Hello e2e folks,
> does anyone know about recent measurements on end-to-end packet loss in
> the Internet?
> After some more or less unsuccessful searching, I'm wondering whether
> there is anything more current than, e.g., Vern Paxson's Ph.D. thesis.
> This thesis covers Internet packet loss quite extensively, but it dates
> back to 1997 (the measurements are actually from 1994/1995) and the
> Internet has evolved since then.  More recent work is kind of sparse...
> If someone could provide a pointer, I'd really appreciate that.
> Thanks a lot,
> - Christian

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