[e2e] Correlation between Packet loss rate and self similarity!

Abraham Matta matta at cs.bu.edu
Sun Aug 13 15:50:46 PDT 2006

Dear Adil,

You may look at the following article, which relates packet loss rate to
the "high variability" of TCP traffic (note: NOT "self-similarity" due
to limits on RTO etc.):

D. R. Figueiredo, B. Liu, V. Misra, and D. Towsley. On the
Autocorrelation Structure of TCP Traffic. Technical Report
UMass-CMPSC-00-55, University of Massachusetts,
Amherst, Computer Science Department, November 2000.




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Hi all,
   Could somone suggest of any articles that quantify the issue of
correlation between self-similarity (Hurst parameter) and packet loss

Adil Raja

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