[e2e] Port numbers, SRV records or...?

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Thu Aug 17 06:49:55 PDT 2006

John Day wrote:
> What I find really remarkable is the inability of current researchers to
> see beyond what is there.  It is interesting that they are so focused on
> current developments that they are unable to see beyond them.

Yeah, so far all they've come up with is:

- the web (addressing at the app layer)
- DHTs (hash-based addressing)
- overlays (arbitrary addressing using the Internet as a link layer)

It's sad that they haven't gotten beyond the Internet's original vision
of email and remote login. Oh well, back to the drawing board ;-)

As to whether we are scientists or technicians, that depends on your
definition. The last time I checked, scientists created theories about
reality and validated them via observation and iteration. There are
plenty of those out there; in a sense, the Internet is just a theory
about how to network, and the iterations are about resolving the theory
with new uses and ideas - including indirection, virtualization,
separating process (function) from location from communication
association - which is how this discussion originated.  It's in the
abstraction of these ideas that there is science.


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