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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
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L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk wrote:
> If a packet can't enter the network until one has left, how do
> you ever get started in an empty totally quiet network? Simple
> reductio ad absurdum suggests that the packet conservation
> principle as expressed below is bogus. Not so much isarithmic,
> as isacrock.

I didn't say it was a great idea; just that it had a name. ;-)
But you can bootstrap such a situation; token rings do it all the time.

> However, packet conservation through a router is something that
> can be aspired to, under limited conditions - thinking about
> a networking analogue of Kirchoff's electrical laws through the
> router as a point can actually be useful, too.

I'm not sure Kirchoff's laws are applicable here. It wouldn't make sense
to create/destroy electrons without a source/sink; the same is not true
for packets.

> L.
> odd to see someone actually mention they're working on TSAT...
> <http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/L.Wood/><L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk>
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> Christian Kreibich wrote:
>> Hi Detlef,
>> On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 17:49 +0100, Detlef Bosau wrote:
>>> just a very spontaneous, perhaps stupid, question: What is the
>>> difference between "packet symmetry" and the well known principle of
>>> packet conservation here? Aren´t these ideas at least quite similar?
>> the packet conservation principle states that in a steady-state TCP
>> flow, a new packet is not to enter the network before another one has
>> left
> That "packet conservation principle" already has a (perhaps not as
> well-known, but certainly worth knowing) name: 'isarithmic', and was
> proposed by Davies in 1972.
> "Packet symmetry" appears to be per-NIC isarithmic.
> The "packet conservation principle" is single-protocol isarithmic.
> Joe
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