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Mirco Musolesi m.musolesi at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sun Dec 3 17:59:33 PST 2006

>> You may think to a representation of the network with connections to the
>> "ground" or a "voltage source" for each router to represent/quantify
>> packets that are created/lost in it.
> Right - but then Kirchoff's laws don't apply unless that connection to
> ground has some impedence (otherwise the entire net is grounded). What's
> the impedence of a router? :-) I.e., it's dynamic (which is OK) and
> content-sensitive (which seems hard to model).

Yes, I agree, I was implicitly assuming that you have some resistence to 
model the packet loss/creation (that can change over time).

You may also think to model a router with a sort of building block 
composed of more complex circuitry to deal with different types of 


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