[e2e] Commercial splitters and end to end issues.

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Thu Dec 28 11:10:32 PST 2006

In our recent discussion it was said:
>> I don't know how well other commercial TCP-splitters perform in these 
>> scenarios, but I can speak for one - we use our (my) own TCP PEP 
>> product over our VSAT networks; it works fairly well over many such 
>> scenarios (not quite 200 network segments :)). I tried out a few more 
>> scenarios, including yours, since your last email.

Admittedly, I´m somewhat disappointed.

It is well possible that my scenario was nonsense. And it is well 
possible that my question was not clear.

However, I always enjoy discussions where I can learn from. And now, I´m 
given the hint "our commercial product does this".
It is not clear whether this is the case or not. Neither do I have a 
descriptions of the mechanisms in use. (I did not find any at the ViaSat 
Homepage. Only the typical whitepaper material.)

Yesterday, I thought I had written a paper on this issue - and it were 
rejected with the simple statement: "Our commercial product does this." 
With no further description or hint.

Although it might be no big deal to set up a simulation for connection 
splitting, I spent some work on it. And my questions might be stupid - 
at least theire are honest. And when I read the comment, a commercial 
product did this all without further hint, this made me sad and it made 
me angry. Particularly as I know similar comments from paper rejects.

Perhaps, it´s my personal problem that I cannot deal with situations 
like this very well.


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