[e2e] FW: Performance evaluation of high speed TCPs

Douglas Leith doug at eee.strath.ac.uk
Thu Feb 2 18:24:33 PST 2006

>Seriously, we can't run the tests for every fix and bug report. 

Perhaps best to view it as returning a favour.  You may recall that we re-ran all our own experimental tests last year (all data and code available online at www.hamilton.ie/net/eval/) on discovering a previously unreported bug introduced by the linux folks when implementing bic.  Something similar has happened with importing htcp into linux.  

Seriously, where's the value in comparing buggy implementations - isn't that just a waste of all our time ?  If we are genuine about wanting to understand tcp performance then I think we just have to take the hit from issues such as this that are outside all of our control.


Hamilton Institute
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