[e2e] MSS and cwnd increase

Xiaoliang (David) Wei weixl at caltech.edu
Sat Jul 1 16:23:01 PDT 2006

Hi Salman,

> The rfc and the code and seem to imply that cwnd increase is MSS-based. I
> haven't confirmed either way (still testing it) and will like to know:
> 1) What is the RFC suggested way?
RFC2581 -- TCP Congestion Control-- suggests to count SMSS (acknowledged 
packets) in cwnd increment.

RFC3465 -- TCP Congestion Control with Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC)--  
suggests to count the acknowledged byte instead of packets in cwnd 

> 2) How Linux 2.6 is implementing it?

Linux 2.6.16 (and later versions) implemented ABC for Reno.

ABC is not implemented for other congestion control algorithms like HS-TCP 
yet. (Maybe later versions will implement ABC for other congestion control 
algorithms. But not sure yet...)


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