[e2e] MSS and cwnd increase

Salman Abdul Baset salman at cs.columbia.edu
Sat Jul 1 23:45:17 PDT 2006

We want to understand the TCP behavior when it carries cbr(voice) traffic.
You might be aware that Skype is also sending voice over TCP in certain

Ofcourse, I am not going to suggest that it is a good idea to
do that; rather, we are trying to understand various circumstances
(packet loss, delay) under which a Skype like application can possibly
send voice traffic over TCP without incurring too much delay and jitter.
NAT and firewall restrictions are examples of settings where an
application may want to send voice over TCP. Again, the purpose is to
understand the effects and this does not imply that we are recommending this


On Sat, 1 Jul 2006, Joe Touch wrote:

> Salman Abdul Baset wrote:
> > I am wondering how the Linux 2.6 updates its congestion window when a CBR
> > stream (packet size << MSS) is sent over TCP.
> The better question is why are you sending CBR over TCP?
> Joe

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