[e2e] TCP Westwood+ linux 2.16.18 kernel implementation

Saverio Mascolo mascolo at poliba.it
Tue Jul 18 04:46:01 PDT 2006

We have updated the TCP Westwood+ linux kernel implementation with the
two following changes:

o RTT_min is updated each time a timeout event occurs (in order to
 cope with hard handovers in wireless scenarios)

o The bandwidth estimate filter is now initialized with the first
bandwidth sample in order to have better performances in the case of
small file transfers.

The patch has been applied to the mainstream kernel and it will be
available for kernels >= 2.6.18.

The patch is available at:


where you can also find a patch to Web100 (http://www.web100.org) in
order to enable the logging of the "end to end bandwidth estimate" variable used by westwood+.

I remember for sake of  completeness that the only diffrence between westwood and westwood+ is the "bandwidth estimate" algorithm that in westwood+ provides a measure of used bandwdith that is not aliased.

saverio mascolo

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