[e2e] Default maximum receiver window

Matt Mathis mathis at psc.edu
Wed Jul 26 13:57:30 PDT 2006

On Mon, 24 Jul 2006, Lloyd Wood wrote:

> .... They made a
> big deal about having a 64K window improving the Vista stack
> performance in that environment, as if that wasn't the obvious thing
> to do with a 16-bit pointer on a machine with a gig of memory.

BTW: Linux 2.6.17 now has sender and receiver side autotuning and a 4 MB
DEFAULT maximum window size.  Yes, by default it negotiates a TCP window scale
of 7.

4 MB is sufficient to support about 100 Mb/s on a 300 ms path or 1 Gb/s on a 30
ms path, assuming you have enough data and an extremely clean (loss-less)

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