[e2e] new network architecture idea -

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Jun 2 15:28:40 PDT 2006

I'm not sure what 'circumscribed' means in a communication channel.

If it means inverting send/receive gives the designer a different 
perspective, fine, but that's not an architecture as much as a 
philosophy. Anything else amounts to redefining communication, IMO.


Eric W. Anderson wrote:
> I think what it may come down to is this:  In receiver-initiated
> communication, the (former) receiver becomes a sender, but maybe *what*
> they send can be sufficiently circumscribed that the problems become
> more manageable.  
> -Eric
> Thus spake Joe Touch (touch at ISI.EDU):
>> Communication is initiated at the sender by definition; initiating at
>> the receiver just means the receiver becomes the sender ;-)
>> The sender is the one that decides what to put out and labels it
>> according to what receiver it wants to reach (whether directly, via
>> unicast, or indirectly, by group ID, XML tag, etc.) The list of what
>> receivers are reachable must be known in advance.
>> I.e., although it seems like receiver-driven might get us somewhere, how
>> much of it is just relabeling the endpoints?
>> Joe

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