[e2e] Open mailing list for the discussion of Independent RFC Submissions Process

Aaron Falk falk at ISI.EDU
Thu Jun 8 11:13:38 PDT 2006

Forwarded from Leslie Daigle, IAB Chair:

As part its role in supporting the RFC Editor function, the Internet
Architecture Board (IAB) has created a public mailing list for the  
discussion of
the RFC Independent Submissions process.

The purpose of this discussion is to achieve consensus, in the coming  
weeks, on
a process for fair and appropriate approval of independent  
submissions to the
RFC series.  These are separate from IETF, IAB or IRTF approved  

Individuals familiar with the RFC series and working in the Internet  
and engineering community are invited to join this mailing list and  



There is an initial draft proposal, available at


Leslie Daigle,
Chair, IAB.

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