[e2e] Online FPS LAN traces available

grenville armitage garmitage at swin.edu.au
Thu Jun 22 15:49:51 PDT 2006


Hopefully this is of interest to end2end readers...

In the last few years we've all seen papers on modelling and simulating the
traffic patterns of online multiplayer games. To support this interest
CAIA is releasing a collection of tcpdump files containing traffic fragments
of First Person Shooter games with different numbers of players and maps.

The online database is preliminary, and we hope to expand it in the future.
For the moment it contains LAN traces from Enemy Territory (10),
Half Life 2 Counter-Strike (12), Half Life 2 Deathmatch (10),
Half Life Counter-Strike (10), Half Life Deathmatch (10), Quake3 (10)
and XBox Halo (8). Documentation is provided with each tracefile to
identify the LAN and host PC conditions underwhich each trace was


(The repository is called SONG - "Simulating Online Networked Games",
and will eventually also contain traffic generator examples.)



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