[e2e] queuing/dropping algorithms *actually* deployed

Jing Shen jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Jun 25 10:00:56 PDT 2006

> Recently I have heard of one very large content
> provider who is
> deploying "QoS".  As it was described to me, it was
> mainly as a means
> to help decide "who/what" gets to live if a
> significant portion of
> the network goes away rather than as a way to
> prioritize packets in
> normal operation.  I'm not sure if this is public
> knowledge, but I
> am hoping they'll at least do some kind of talk
> based on their
> experience soon.

that should be interesting. IMHO, the word "QoS" is
used and misunderstanded in many area. In technical
area, the word usually means turple of bandwidth,
delay, jitter, packet loss , while in some technical
training book ( like those for CCNP) it just means
there is configure command for queueing. In commercial
world, QoS means difference between e2e communicatin
quality and customer service ( including distard
recovery, technical service, value-added service

what I'm interested in is, whether their is
architectural solution for e2e communication quality
difference? Could current IP queueing mechanism do
what TDM channel could provide? or, is there a way to
make internet more controllable than before?


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