[e2e] A simple question about handling the dump files

shaohe 3dfx232 at sohu.com
Thu Mar 2 17:12:44 PST 2006

<p>   Thanks for Zhani Mohamed Faten's reply. actually, what i intend to do is quite simple:  i wish to examine the prediction in very short time scales, e.g. multi-seconds, of network traffic. <p><p>   Several recent work have examined the predictability of network traffic. I consider the prediction problem base on measurement, which may be inaccurate but need less overhead. Further, the measurement results are the past but the prediction value is the future. In a word, what i concern is that whether i can obtain the relatively accurate prediction of future based on coarse measurements of past.<p>   So i need the actual time average bandwidth to justify our prediction algorithm. Unfortunately, to handle the dump file become a practice problem.<p>   In addition, the format of dump file is still unknown for me. The NS trace file is in text format and one line in the file corresponds to a record, which are very convenient.<p>   Are there some material about the convertion from dump file to text file ?<p>   Thanks !  <p>                               Shaohe Lv
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