[e2e] layered neutrality & end2end

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 9 02:32:02 PST 2006

In missive <20060308193306.GC4884 at sbrim-wxp01>, Scott W Brim typed:

 >>On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 04:25:55PM +0000, Jon Crowcroft allegedly wrote:
 >>> So Vint Cerf gave a cool talk at Google in London last night...

 >>> Lots of nice examples of the way things will probably head :- 

 >>Please, say more, what is his thinking these days?

mostly as you'd excpect -i'm assuming the talk will show up on his
blog or whatever soon, so don't want to speak for him!

the main thing was not relaly futurology-  just restatement of e2e
principle (fairly strongly) and a bunch of stats about user base, and
quite a lot on mobile (since there's 2B+ mobile users which sort of
dwarfs the fixed line internet user base and is about 2 times the
fixed phone line  base now) .... most the event was about hiring 
Schmoozing a bunch of alumni from top UK universities before and after
Vint's keynote...
for example...
London is a cool place to work and they have a nice building in the
center...plus obviously if you want to be near europe (:-)
where a lot of the handset design goes on, 
or indeed, engage with the financial service sector,
then it seems like a smart place to be
(although if i was gonan do wireless this century, i'd base something
in korea and china, and for other stuff, i'd have a lab in india near
one of the IITs- they are _especially_ imaginative as well as very
very good technically (i.e. can program AND do math:-)...

the last bit of the talk was a quick upfdate on interplanetary stuff,
which is far out, as far as i am concerned:)



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