[e2e] new network architecture idea -

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 3 15:21:14 PDT 2006

Its that time of year for a new network architecture - rather than build an overlay on IP
I reckon the way to build a DOS proof, multipath, resilient network that can function in 
low or high bandwidth, fixed or mobile, lossy or reliable, connected or disrupted, topologies
is to built the packet protocol over an overlay - so my bif is to rebuild
IP on Swarms (initial prototype is IPv6 on bittorrent)

packet swarming systems are nice because
i) you go download your packet, so noone can dos you
ii) topological attacks are hard when you dont know where I am getting the different pieces of the packet from.
iii) incentive alignment thru the token system enforces approximate symmetry
iv) multipath is for free and tunable
v) you still have anonimity if you really want it
vi) content addressable (pub/sub/ event/notify) is a first class network function
vii) multicast is for free

of course IP on bittorrent begs the question of what the bittorrent is on....so 
that's what the NSF proposal would be about (of course i'm not eligable for
nsf money:-)

so this is a free donation to the US NSF proposal writers guild:)


remember, you have 2 days left to register for REALMAN in Florence:-

p.s. if the GENI is out of the lamp, who is making the 3 wishes...?

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