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Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 10 03:19:25 PDT 2006

bittorrent is a specific technology -the _idea_ is that of swarms -
file swarming is a general idea that a receiver of information often
doesn't really care where the information comes from in terms of
topology or sending computer, even at the level of individual bits
so one can distribute information by allowing receivers to request
components from whereever seems a good contributer - torrent systems
can maximise network throughput (especially if they also employ net
coding) and can be very robust to outages - the main complexity is 
integrity checking of content, but there are nice techniques for that

torrents could be implemented on +anything+ (e.g. direct on analogue

IP is a way to get a packet from A->B, but one could implement it on a
torrent or swarm - whether TCP over IP over a swarm would work well is
an interesting question, but TCP isnt a very sensible protocol
w.r.t most applications in today's internet anyhow, and is even less
sensible tomorrow

if you are interested in authenticity and provenance of content, that
is in any case a higher level problem than knowing the source IP
address and transport port number data came from - those provide you
with ZERO assurance about "reliability" of content - p2p (like wiki)
is no worse that servers (like encyclopedias) inherently - 

on legacy traffic engineering and p2p:
there's some good papers emerging on designing nets for p2p and p2p
for nets - 
T. Karagiannis, P. Rodriguez, and K. Papagiannaki.
Should Internet Service Providers Fear Peer-Assisted Content
In ACM Internet Measurement Conference, New Orleans, LA, October,
is a good read....
can be downoaded from:

(what, no torrent for google scholar yet?:)

In missive <20060509165422.18505.qmail at web15406.mail.cnb.yahoo.com>, Jing Shen 

 >>What do you mean with "IP on bittorent" ? BT is just
 >>an application level protocol over IP while protocol
 >>udner is TCP. 
 >>On the other hand, if any e2e communication is with
 >>P2P  How can I know whether the news is reliable or
 >>just a manmade one?  

 >>To technical question,  I read several paper on p2p
 >>traffic on WAN. But, it seems paper from france 
 >>differs a little from korean. Some one said upstream
 >>p2p bw is smaller than downstream, while other says
 >>the oppsite. Is there demand on network topology? is
 >>there requirement on routing protocol? Is there way to
 >>enable interception asked by law? 

 >>> -- Jon Crowcroft <Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
 >>> Its that time of year for a new network architecture
 >>> - rather than build an overlay on IP
 >>> I reckon the way to build a DOS proof, multipath,
 >>> resilient network that can function in 
 >>> low or high bandwidth, fixed or mobile, lossy or
 >>> reliable, connected or disrupted, topologies
 >>> is to built the packet protocol over an overlay - so
 >>> my bif is to rebuild
 >>> IP on Swarms (initial prototype is IPv6 on
 >>> bittorrent)
 >>> packet swarming systems are nice because
 >>> i) you go download your packet, so noone can dos you
 >>> ii) topological attacks are hard when you dont know
 >>> where I am getting the different pieces of the
 >>> packet from.
 >>> iii) incentive alignment thru the token system
 >>> enforces approximate symmetry
 >>> iv) multipath is for free and tunable
 >>> v) you still have anonimity if you really want it
 >>> vi) content addressable (pub/sub/ event/notify) is a
 >>> first class network function
 >>> vii) multicast is for free
 >>> of course IP on bittorrent begs the question of what
 >>> the bittorrent is on....so 
 >>> that's what the NSF proposal would be about (of
 >>> course i'm not eligable for
 >>> nsf money:-)
 >>> so this is a free donation to the US NSF proposal
 >>> writers guild:)
 >>> cheers
 >>> jon
 >>> remember, you have 2 days left to register for
 >>> REALMAN in Florence:-
 >>> http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/realman/
 >>> p.s. if the GENI is out of the lamp, who is making
 >>> the 3 wishes...?
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