[e2e] Question on ssthresh setting in RFC 2581

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Sat May 13 11:23:37 PDT 2006

Tim Dorcey wrote:

>>However: It´s the purpose of CWND to estimate the path´s capcaity in
>>oder to provide propoer _congestion_ control.
>I think the issue is that CWND becomes stale if the sender enters a period
>where it is not filling the CWND (because the application is not providing
>enough data).  Suppose, CWND were to grow large during a period of heavy
>transmission, and then the application slows to sending only a single
I see the point. In fact, competing flows may then occupy the path´s 
unused capacity.

>segment per round trip.  If a loss then occurs, the implication is that the
>network may be too congested to send more than a single segment per round trip.  FlightSize better measures the actual load being placed on the network at the time a loss occurs.
But does the use of flightsize still guarantee fairness then?
Of course, my question refers to a "full load scenario" not to an 
underload scenario.

In fact, the notion of "fairness" might be somewhat inappropriate for 
flows with only sparse traffic.


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