[e2e] Legal fragment sizes

Fernando Gont fernando at gont.com.ar
Mon May 15 18:03:03 PDT 2006


I was going through the IP specs, and there was a point on which 
there seems to be some ambiguity (or, well, at least it's not that 
clear to me). I wonder what your interpretation is.

Is the maximum "legal" IP payload defined by "Total_Length - 
IP_Header" (i.e., around 65K), or should it be considered to be the 
maximum payload that can be encapsulated, by using the "trick" 
described bellow? (i.e., which would then result in a maximum payload 
size of around 128K)

(The "trick" would be to send a ~65K fragment with the MF bit set, 
followed by a second 65K fragment with an offset of ~65K)


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