[e2e] new network architecture idea -

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri May 26 20:14:12 PDT 2006

David P. Reed wrote:
> When things go wrong (black holes, DDoS, ..., even spam and the
> blogosphere) is when activities are "sender driven" without regard for
> the wishes or needs of the receivers.

Communication is initiated at the sender by definition; initiating at
the receiver just means the receiver becomes the sender ;-)

The sender is the one that decides what to put out and labels it
according to what receiver it wants to reach (whether directly, via
unicast, or indirectly, by group ID, XML tag, etc.) The list of what
receivers are reachable must be known in advance.

I.e., although it seems like receiver-driven might get us somewhere, how
much of it is just relabeling the endpoints?


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