[e2e] GENIus and Eu - a Modest Viewpoint

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 22 00:39:45 PST 2006

So the Global Endless Network Initiative 
rolls on either side of the pond, and 
it occurs to me that we should 
celebrate the emergent differences :

In the US, the network wil be truly global which means it will
be endless - this puts paid to arguments about the end-to-end
principle, and finally means we can see if a network without
ends is better than one only with ends - this will justify the
huge MEANS that the US is asking its taxpayers to put up to
fund the initiative. Such a Global iniative will entail
wrapping a sphere around the planet (or several, for 3D sonet
like resilience; indeed, several around the solar system, for
celestial spherical mechanics reasons). 

Of course, European critics (mainly myself)
have been quick to point out, Hans_Christian_Anderson 
small-child-like, that "the net has no ends", 
but others in search of funding have said
"yeah, but look at the spherical means on that"...
So being better at theory, in the Eu, allegedly 
(although in only in theory, while in practice 
the Eu aint bad at practice,
and in practice the US is better in theory), 
the Eu will have an initiative 
(well, we call it an instrument, often shaped quite like a trumpet) 
to tap the zero point energy thus:

It has been oberseved (by MIT recently) that we can induce
power by resonance at a distance:- 
Thus we can power cell phones from other cell phones - 
taking Tim Shepherd's argument about the 
capacity of a dense mode multi-hop wireless network
growing with the number of nodes, 
clearly the power grows too;
thus we can dispense both with the towers for the cellular net,
AND with the power grid, to recharge batteries - 
instead, cell phones and pdas will _recharge each other_.

This will lead to the FP7 (Free the Pointless seven) networking
stack initiative in europe.

So the race is on - will US endless networking or Eu pointless
networking be the dominant technology of the 22nd century?


p.s. To quote the 17th Francisican Guitarist and Philosopher, 
Dom Zappa, "But I got a crystal ball"...

This goes out after a requirements discussion with Andy Warfield...

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