[e2e] Are Packet Trains / Packet Bursts a Problem in TCP?

rick jones perfgeek at mac.com
Sun Oct 1 09:50:48 PDT 2006

> Especially in the case of TSO, there's close to zero benefit to 
> sending TSO segments that are longer than 1ms of bottleneck wire time, 
> as the TCP processing load for that packet rate is going to be well 
> under 0.1% on a modern machine.

The time-of-burst sounds intriguing - what has me worried though - in 
the abstract, not necessarily this specific - is the last part of that 
sentence - it seems that very often arguments are made about how 
something is presently or will be soon a very low percentage of CPU on 
a modern machine - for a single connection and/or single NIC...

> At GigE speeds, I haven't seen in practice that a 64k burst (about 
> 0.5ms) is ever a problem.

Nor I.

rick jones
there is no rest for the wicked, yet the virtuous have no pillows

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