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Call for Participation (LCN 2006)

The 31st IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
14-16 November 2006

The IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), sponsored by the 
IEEE Computer Society, is one of the networking industry's oldest, 
continuously running conferences.

This year's LCN features:
* Keynote Addresses by
   -- Dr. Bob Iannucci, Senior Vice President and Head of Nokia Research 
   -- Prof. Edward Knightly, Rice University
* 61 regular papers in 15 parallel sessions
* 31 posters
* 5 Workshops on the first day of the conference

Technical Program

Tuesday 14 November

The following 5 workshops will take place:

* Sixth International IEEE Workshop on Wireless Local Networks (WLN)
   -- Keynote: Prof Vassilis Tsaoussidis (Democritus University of 
Thrace, Greece)
   -- 11 regular papers and 5 posters

* First IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building 
Sensor Network Applications
   -- Keynote: Prof. A. Savvides, Yale University, USA
   -- 11 regular papers

* The 2nd IEEE LCN Network Security workshop
   -- 8 regular papers

* Second IEEE International Workshop on Performance and Management  of 
Wireless and Mobile Networks
   -- 16 Regular papers

* First IEEE LCN Workshop on Network Measurements
   Featuring a Panel Discussion and 5 regular papers

Wednesday 15 November

Keynote: Dr. Bob Iannucci, Senior Vice President and Head of Nokia 
Research Center

***** 10:30 - 12:10 Session #1 (Tracks A, B, and C)

Track A – Energy efficiency

LEMA: Localized Energy-Efficient Multicast Algorithm based on 
Geographic Routing by Juan Sanchez and Pedro Ruiz

Energy-efficient Interleaving for Error Recovery in Broadcast Networks 
by Kyungtae Kang and Yongwoo Cho

Performance Study of Power Saving Classes of Type I and II in IEEE 
802.16e by Lei Kong and Danny H. K. Tsang

Ethernet Adaptive Link Rate: System Design and Performance Evaluation 
by Ken Christensen and Chamara Gunaratne

Track B – Performance evaluation

Performance Aware Design of Communication Systems by Lukas Pustina, 
Michael Gerharz, Peter Martini, Volker Deichmann, and Simon Schwarzer

Minimizing Cache Misses in an Event-Driven Network Server: A Case Study 
of TUX by Sapan Bhatia, Charles Consel, and Julia Lawall

An Efficient Buffer Management Technique for Remote 3D Image-based 
Rendering by Azzedine Boukerche and Jing Feng

Efficient Packet Processing in User-Level OSes: A Study of UML by 
Younggyun Koh, Calton Pu, Sapan Bhatia, and Charles Consel

Track C – Scheduling and MAC layer

Fair Scheduling over Multiple Servers with Flow-Dependent Server Rates 
by Satya Mohanty and Laxmi Bhuyan

An Adaptive Non-preemptive Scheduling Framework for Delay Bounded 
Traffic by Yaser Khamayseh and Ehab Elmallah

Bandwidth Aware Slot Allocation in Hybrid MAC by Yuvraj Rana, Bao Hua 
Liu, Alfandika Nyandoro, and Sanjay Jha

A Congestion-aware Medium Access Control Protocol for Multi-rate Ad-hoc 
Networks by Timo Zauner, Luke Haslett, Wen Hu, Sanjay Jha, and Cormac 

***** 1:30 - 3:10 Session #2 (Tracks A, B, and C)

  Track A – P2P and overlay networks

Computing Real Time Jobs in P2P Networks by Jingnan Yao, Jian Zhou, and 
Laxmi Bhuyan

Achieving Resilient and Efficient Load Balancing in DHT-based P2P 
Systems by Di Wu, Ye Tian and Kamwing Ng

Content-based Packet Marking for Application-Aware Processing in 
Overlay Networks by Panho Lee, Tarun Banka, Anura Jayasumana, and 
Chandra V Chandrasekar

  Track B – Transport layer

Considerations of SCTP Retransmission Delays for Thin Streams by Jon 
Pedersen, Carsten Griwodz, and Pål Halvorsen

A New Stable AQM exploiting RTT Estimation by Hayato Hoshihara

Adapting TCP for Vertical Handoffs in Wireless Networks by Laila Daniel 
and Markku Kojo

Emulating TCP Using the Fixed Point Algorithm by Debessay Kassa

  Track C – Routing and caching

An Interior Path Vector Protocol by Conor Creagh and Cormac Sreenan

Maximum Data Collection Least-Cost Routing in Energy Constrained 
Wireless Sensor Networks by Ka Lok Hung, Brahim Bensaou, Junhua Zhu, 
and Farid Nait-Abdesselam

On Cache Prefetching Strategy for Integrated Infostation-Cellular 
Network by Jerry Chun-Ping Wang, Hossam Elgindy, and Justin Lipman

***** 3:30 - 5:00 Poster Session

Cerco: Supporting Range Queries with a Hierarchically Structured 
Peer-to-Peer System by Simon Rieche, Klaus Wehrle, Leo Petrak, and 
Clemens Wrzodek

Performance of Constant Quality Video Applications using the DCCP 
Transport Protocol by Jeroen Van Velthoven, Kathleen Spaey, and Chris 

BEAM: An Efficient Peer to Peer Media Streaming Framework by Darshan 

MPLS Based Approach for Heterogeneous and Scalable Multicast in 
DiffServ by Mohamed El Hachimi and Abdelhafid Abouaissa

Power-Proxying on the NIC: A Case Study with the Gnutella File-Sharing 
Protocol by Pradeep Purushothaman, Mukund Navada Kanyana, Rajagopal 
Subramaniyan, Casey Reardon, and Alan George

Energy-Efficient Rate Adaptation and Congestion Control Protocol for 
Wireless Ad Hoc Networks by Maciej Zawodniok and Sarangapani 

A Multicast Tree Reconstuction Method for Many-to-Many Mobile 
Communications with Delay Constraint by Tsuyoshi Yamada, Shoji 
Yoshimura, Keita Kawano, Kazuhiko Kinoshita, and Koso Murakami

Achieving Fairness in IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks by Fanilo Harivelo

A Traffic Shaping Heuristic for Congestion Control in Optical 
Burst-Switched Networks by Mushi Jin and Oliver Yang

The Design of Efficient Hashing Techniques for IP Address Lookup by 
Devang Pandya, Christopher Martinez, Wei-Ming Lin, and Parimal Patel

Adaptive Link Rate (ALR) for Ethernet: Analysis of a MAC Handshake 
Protocol by Himanshu Anand, Casey Reardon, Rajagopal Subramaniyan, and 
Alan George

Hydra: A Novel Framework for Making High-Performance Computing Offload 
Capable by Danny Dolev, Pete Wyckoff, Tal Anker, and Yaron Weinsberg

Characterization of Layer-2 Unique Topologies in Multisubnet Local Area 
Networks by Hassan Gobjuka and Yuri Breitbart

Data Aggregation System for Distributing Inter-Vehicle Warning Messages 
by Stephan Eichler, Markus Strassberger, and Christian Merkle

TA2I: Time Slot Access with Acknowledge Insertion by Marcel Wille and 
Harald Richter

Towards Minimizing Service Degradation during MIPv6 Handoffs by Yan 
Cheng and J. William Atwood

VoIP Capacity over Wireless Mesh Networks by Alex Lee, Guanyan Cai, Yu 
Ge, and Winston Seah

Traffic shaping and dimensioning of an external overload controller in 
service architectures by Jens Andersson, Christian Nyberg, and Maria 

Mitigating Worm Propagation on Virtual LANs by Saeed Rajput, Xiaoguang 
Sun, and Sam Hsu

QoS Differentiation Provisioning & Management System Exploiting Mobile 
Agent Technology by Angelos Michalas

A New Bandwidth Access Framework in Slotted-OPS Networks by Akbar 
Ghaffar Pour Rahbar and Oliver Yang

Improved Collaborative Environment Control Using Mote-based 
Sensor/Actuator Networks by Masayuki Nakamura, Atsushi Sakurai, Toshio 
Watanabe, Jiro Nakamura, and Hiroshi Ban

Communication-assisted Topology Control of Semi-autonomous Robots by 
Venkatesh Ramarathinam and Miguel Labrador

Scalability of Location Sensor Data Fusion by Tom Pfeifer and Kieran 

Port-based Multihomed Mobile IPv6 for Heterogeneous Networks by 
Christer Ahlund, Robert Brannstrom, Karl Andersson, and Orjan 

Performance of TCP with Load-sensitive Routing by Sivaram Cheekiralla 
and Daniel Engels

Needles in Haystacks: Practical Intrusion Detection from Theoretical 
Results by Gerald Marin and William Allen

Viral IP Address Assignment by Sivaram Cheekiralla and Daniel Engels
Thursday 16 November

Keynote: Dr. Edward Knightly, Rice University, USA (Title of talk: 
“Large-Scale Urban Mesh Networks: from Deployment to Applications”)

***** 10:30 - 12:10 Session #3 (Tracks A, B, and C)

Track A – Security and disaster management

Detecting Botnets with Tight Command and Control by Tim Strayer

Can CRLs Provide Bandwidth-Efficient Online Certificate Status? by 
Anantharaman Lakshminarayanan, Aditya Liviandi, Tong Lee Lim, and 
William Chui

Modelling Voice Communication in Disaster Area Scenarios by Nils 
Aschenbruck, Michael Gerharz, Matthias Frank, and Peter Martini

Security for FTTx Optical Access Networks by Walid Shawbaki and Ahmed 

  Track B – Clustering and localization

Clustered Mobility Model for Scale-Free Wireless Networks by Sunho Lim, 
Chansu Yu, and Chita Das

Landscape-3D: A Robust Localization Scheme for Sensor Networks over 
Complex 3D Terrains  Liqiang Zhang, Xiaobo Zhou, and Qiang Cheng

Adaptive Location Update Area Design for PCS Networks under 2D Markov 
Walk Model by Jun Zheng, Yan Zhang, and Ling Wang

  Track C – High-speed interconnects and hardware

Design of a Giga-bit Hardware Accelerator for the iSCSI Initiator by 
Chung-Ho Chen, Yi-Cheng Chung, Chen-Hua Wang, and Han-Chiang Chen

Efficient Java Communication Protocols on High-speed Cluster 
Interconnects by Guillermo Taboada, Juan Touriño, and Ramón Doallo

An integrated Hardware Solution for MAT, MPLS-UNI, and TM in Access 
Networks by Harald Widiger, Stephan Kubisch, Thomas Bahls, and Dirk 

Effect of Hash Collisions on the Performance of LAN Switching Devices 
and Networks by Chris Huntley, Galina Antonova, and Paul Guinand

***** 1:30 - 3:10 Session #4 (Tracks A, B, and C)

  Track A – Wireless and ad hoc

Exploiting Rate Diversity for Broadcasting in Wireless Mesh Networks by 
Junaid Qadir, Chun Tung Chou, and Archan Misra

Analysis of Link Availability and the Capacity of Mobile Ad Hoc 
Networks by Ruchi Sharma and Ravi Pendse

Toward a Seamless Communication Architecture for In-building Networks 
at the 60 GHz band by Bao Linh Dang, Venkatesha Prasad, and Ignas 

A Hybrid Distributed Coordination Function for Scalability and 
Inter-operability in Large-Scale WLANs by Nakjung Choi, Seongil Han, 
Yongho Seok, Yanghee Choi, and Taekyoung Kwon

  Track B – Optical networks 1

A Transceiver Saving Auxiliary Graph Model for Dynamic Traffic Grooming 
in WDM Mesh Networks by Huaxiong Yao

Traffic Grooming in Statistically Shared Optical Networks by Srivatsan 
Balasubramanian and Arun Somani

Optical CDMA Code Collision and Translation Performance Analysis by Anh 
Nguyen and Deniz Gurkan

  Track C – Modeling and advanced techniques

  Ontology Modeling of a Dynamic Protocol Stack by Lifeng Zhou

Towards Semantic Modeling for QoS Specification by Lifeng Zhou

Training on Multiple Sub-Flows to Optimise the use of Machine Learning 
Classifiers in Real-World IP Networks by Thuy Nguyen and Grenville 

Biologically-Inspired Data Aggregation for Multi-Modal Wireless Sensor 
Networks by Pruet Boonma and Junichi Suzuki

***** 3:30 - 5:35 Session #5 (Tracks A, B, and C)

  Track A – IEEE 802.11

Delay Distribution Analysis of the RTS/CTS mechanism of IEEE 802.11 by 
Paschalis Raptis, Albert Banchs, Vassileios Vitsas, Konstantinos 
Paparrizos, and Periklis Chatzimisios

Maximizing differentiated throughput in IEEE 802.11e wireless LANs by 
Jongwon Yoon, Sangki Yun, and Hyogon Kim

Performance Limits and Analysis of Contention-based IEEE 802.11 MAC by 
Shao-Cheng Wang and Ahmed Helmy

  Track B – Optical networks 2

Residual Admission Capacity in Optical Burst Switching Networks and its 
Application in Routing Loss-Guaranteed Flows by Qian Chen, Mohan 
Gurusamy, and Kee Chaing Chua

Embedding Hypercube Communications on Optical Chordal Ring Networks of 
Degree 4 by Yawen Chen

Delay Constrained Traffic Grooming in WDM Ring Networks by Arun 
Vishwanath and Weifa Liang

Rerouting Schemes with Inter-layer Backup Resource Sharing for 
Differentiated Survivability in IP-over-WDM Optical Networks by 
Krishanthmohan Ratnam, Mohan Gurusamy, and Luying Zhou

An Efficient MAC Protocol for Optical WDM Networks with Simulation 
Evaluation by Ge Nong, S. Zhang, and XiaoLa Lin

  Track C – Multicast

Protecting Multicast Sessions in Wireless Mesh Networks by Xin Zhao, 
Chun Tung Chou, Jun Guo, and Sanjay Jha

The Internet Group Management Protocol with Access Control (IGMP-AC) by 
Salekul Islam and J. William Atwood

Making Application Layer Multicast Reliable is Feasible by Bin Rong

Detecting Malicious Peers in Overlay Multicast Streaming by Samarth 
Shetty, Patricio Galdames, Wallapak Tavanapong, and Ying Cai

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