[e2e] performance of BIC-TCP, High-Speed-TCP, H-TCP etc

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Wed Sep 27 16:20:49 PDT 2006

Greetings all,

On 23/09/06, rhee at ncsu.edu <rhee at ncsu.edu> wrote:
> Just i was pondering why we got different results and try to see if we can
> come to some understanding on this different results we got. Who knows we
> together might run into some fundamental research issues regarding
> testing.

Since many interested parties will be around LA for PFLDnet, how about
getting together after that (Friday 9 Feb) to re-run some of the
disputed tests on one set of hardware, with everyone present to debate
the results?

You're all welcome to come to Caltech to do the testing.  We can
provide a few servers, dummynets and Gigabit switches.  Everyone is
welcome to bring their scripts, and any other hardware they need.

If there is interest, we could also have things like a round-table
discussion of the benefits of testing with different file-length
distributions (like long lived flows to understand what is happening
vs a range of flows to test suitability for deployment), and the
benefits of repeating other people's tests vs testing in as many
scenarios as possible.

Who is interested in coming?


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