[e2e] Stability of various TCP protocols [CUBIC, BIC, HTCP, HSTCP, STCP]

Injong Rhee rhee at eos.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 28 09:58:02 PDT 2006

I'd like to report on a measurement study regarding the stability of various TCP variant protocols. Although we can find quite a bit of work on fairness and convergence of protocols (including some theoretical studies on the topic as well), there is relatively little work on measuring the stability of protocols and its impact on protocol performance and overall health of the networks (e.g., the overall queue fluctions and link utilization). We have measured the degree of rate oscillation and fluctuation of protocols to have some understanding of protocol stability. 
We would like to share our results with you to get some feedback from the community. 

We have some theoretical results and also experimental results. Here is the link to the experimental results. You can find links to all of our experimental data that include results from several hundred experiments.


If you need our report on theoretical results,  we can e-mail you the report.
Injong Rhee
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