[e2e] performance of BIC-TCP, High-Speed-TCP, H-TCP etc

Ted Faber faber at ISI.EDU
Thu Sep 28 16:03:00 PDT 2006

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 04:20:49PM -0700, Lachlan Andrew wrote:
> Greetings all,
> On 23/09/06, rhee at ncsu.edu <rhee at ncsu.edu> wrote:
> >Just i was pondering why we got different results and try to see if we can
> >come to some understanding on this different results we got. Who knows we
> >together might run into some fundamental research issues regarding
> >testing.
> Since many interested parties will be around LA for PFLDnet, how about
> getting together after that (Friday 9 Feb) to re-run some of the
> disputed tests on one set of hardware, with everyone present to debate
> the results?
> You're all welcome to come to Caltech to do the testing.  We can
> provide a few servers, dummynets and Gigabit switches.  Everyone is
> welcome to bring their scripts, and any other hardware they need.
> If there is interest, we could also have things like a round-table
> discussion of the benefits of testing with different file-length
> distributions (like long lived flows to understand what is happening
> vs a range of flows to test suitability for deployment), and the
> benefits of repeating other people's tests vs testing in as many
> scenarios as possible.
> Who is interested in coming?

It might be easier to do this on DETER:


That's a testbed at ISI running an Emulab configured for more secure
experimentation.  Though security is a focus of the testbed, I believe
that the admins of DETER would approve a project to recreate this study
and work out the inconsistencies.  With DETER you could start tomorrow
and have a reproducible collaborative test environment that would
outlast a week meeting at Caltech.

Like all Emulab installations, DETER gives you full root access to the
machines, the ability to load complete kernels on the nodes,  provides
GB/s connectivity between nodes as well as an ns interface that
configures dummynet nodes to provide delay and throttling.  I've used
the testbed a fair amount, and it's tough to think of a better
environment for this kind of collaboration.

Ted Faber
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