[e2e] Are Packet Trains / Packet Bursts a Problem in TCP?

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Fri Sep 29 17:44:11 PDT 2006

Fred Baker wrote:
> I certainly encouraged Sally et al to publish RFC 3168, and yes I 
> would agree that something other than a loss-triggered approach has 
> real value, especially at STM-n speeds where the difference between 
> "nominal delay due to queuing" and "loss" is pretty sharp. 
Does somebody happen to know, whether there is some literature on this?

> I don't think I would pick "50%"; it would be at a higher rate.
Of course. And I´m not sure whether there exists one such "load 
threshold" for all cases. But I could imagine that suitable values can 
be found particularly for backbone lines where the traffic pattern is 
perhaps pretty well known and predictable.


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