[e2e] CFP for the ACM/Usenix IMC Workshop on Wireless Measurement

Kevin C Almeroth almeroth at cs.ucsb.edu
Mon Apr 9 17:08:58 PDT 2007

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

                          The IMC Workshop on
                 Internet Measurement for Wireless Networks
                              (IM4WiN 2007)

                            October 23, 2007
                          San Diego, California

The International Workshop on Internet Measurement for Wireless Networks 
(IM4WiN) is the first workshop to be associated with the Internet 
Measurement Conference (IMC).In the tradition of IMC,
the focus is on Internet measurement and analysis with the goal that 
papers contribute to the current understanding of how to collect or 
analyze Internet measurements,or give insight into how the Internet 
behaves. IM4WiN narrows this focus and goal to apply specifically to 
wireless networks.

The focus of IM4WiN is on measurement and analysis of wireless networks 
that are already part of the Internet or are planned to be eventually 
connected. Within this scope, IM4WiN is interested in papers whose primary 
focus is measurement and/or analysis of data with the goal that this 
activity leads to meaningful understanding of important network properties 
and/or new protocols, systems, technology, and/or best practices. Papers 
that fall outside of this scope will not be accepted. Examples of good 
topics with the IM4WiN scope include:

* Challenges in heterogeneous wireless networks (3G, WiFi, Wimax)
* Benchmarks for wireless algorithms, protocols and applications
* Operational experience concerning wireless network performance
* Prediction and inference of user access, demand and mobility
* Challenges with wireless measurements
* Experimental (in)validation of wireless network assumptions
* Metrics for wireless network performance evaluation * Wireless network 
troubleshooting techniques and recommendations
* Experience with building/designing/expanding wireless networks
* Description of tools for building and/or managing test beds
* Techniques for improving experiment repeatability * Techniques for 
validating wireless test bed results
* Measurement-based guidelines for network design * Wireless security
* Wireless vehicular networks
* Wireless networking as infrastructure in developing regions
* Energy efficient protocols and design

IM4WiN is seeking up to 6 two-column pages, formatted exactly to the 
requirements specified on the IMC/IM4WiN web page, and submitted according 
to the instructions contained therein.

Important dates for IM4WiN are:

* Registration: July 20, 2007 (11:59 EDT)
* Submission: July 27, 2007 (11:59 EDT)
* Notification: September 3, 2007
* Camera Ready: September 21, 2007 (11:59 EDT)

For more information see http://im4win.cs.ucsb.edu/cfp.html,
or contact the Workshop Chairs:

* Dina Papagiannaki (Intel Research)
* Kevin Almeroth (UC-Santa Barbara)

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